I have come to appreciate when the retail-driven Christmas draws to a close and the more ancient celebration of the Twelve Days of Christmas begins.

Infinity, it seems, can be spoken without words.

Pondering the neglected, yet indispensable end of the story of God with us.

The life of the human God is our measure of right from wrong.

Are we the early church? And does the end we imagine for the body of Christ match the human story of her powerless Lord?

Time for the church’s leaders to dispel lies and protect life.

I owe a deep love of language to black women teachers.

A continuing reflection on the death of my father.

Resisting ideology as we ponder a return to gathered worship.

The Gospel is public information—not hidden, not secret—and that’s why Christians should be immune from closeted delusions.

Kenneth Tanner

Pastor | Writer | Contributor: Mockingbird, Christianity Today, Sojourners, Huffington Post, Clarion Journal | Theologian

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